“After years of wearing  the optical glasses it was the most cheerful word i heard in my life Mrs.olga says: here is your glasses you don’t need them anymore !! this is first sentence I heard after finishing my surgery. everyday i was thinking to get rid of glasses but it was scary when it comes to Laysik surgery because  it’s a new thing you never been through before.

i started collecting information and details about the most efficient Dr. or clinic to do the surgery after a long searching i found 2 clinic one i’ll not mention it name the second one was North American Laysik. actually i visited both of them in order to compare efficiency price and comfort level. then i make my decision and I choosed North American Laysik due to many reason first The efficiency the hygiene level they have plus the price offers the do, and the experts stuff specially Dr.Abdallah Naqi the Specialist Doctor who did the surgery for me and who didn’t let feel any stress during the operation Dr.badia the assistant Doctor and Mrs.Olga the clinic Manager the one who organized and facilitate everything to be easy and simple during the whole process started from checking up before surgery ending up with the last check up  after surgery Thanks god now i’m feeling great after finishing healing and now my optical is 20/20 Thank you North American Lasik

Tarek Nader

“I did Lasik on the 14th. Everything went well and I would like to thank Dr Abdulla and all the staff for making it a pleasant experience. Great and friendly Dr and staff. Thank you all”

Rasha Al Hussein

“Friendly staff, amazing experience with them, they are very accurate in the assessements they do

18th of jan 2016 was the day that dr. Ali fadlallah changed my life

Thanks a million”

Ahmed Abdulla

“I’ve done my Lasik surgery at The North American Lasik Eye Surgery Centre during Ramadan, it was a fantastic experience from A to Z, the preparations, and administration work and of course the excellent work done by Dr. Abdulla AlNaqi himself. Before the surgery I was not able to do anything without my glasses and they were always a burden when I did sports or swim or even going through my normal day, the mark they left on my nose always bothered me and the uncomfortable feeling of its weight too, all of this is now gone!

My vision now is fantastic without any glasses or contact lenses aid, I thank God for that and also thanks to the professional team at the North America Centre for their excellent work that is provided for way less cost than the usual with their current offer. I strongly recommend those who are interested in this positive change to go and take advantage of the offer that the centre has these days.”

Mohamed Abu Dail

سويت ليزيك يوم ٢٥ ، كل شي كان الحمد لله تمام ، معاملة الستاف راقية وايد محترمين ، والدكتور علي بعد ، الليزيك كان ناجح والحمد لله ، شكرا لكم ، فاطمة