Kerataconus in the cornea is doing progressive thinning. It is very common specifically in corneal dystrophy which is affecting many teenagers and adults in their adulthood in 20’s.
Keratoconus can make mid cornea to very thin and can bulge outward form a rounded cone shape. This abnormality in the cornea can bring blurred/Double vision, astigmatism, and high light sensitivity.
The causes of keratoconus are unknown, but it can be combination of inheritance and some environmental and hormonal influences. Your eye care professional will measure the curvature of your cornea and can diagnose it with a Slit Lamp examination.
Keratoconus can affect both eyes and in most cases both eyes are impacted by Keratoconus. This can corrected by glasses and contact lenses in initial stages but later stages it has to be corrected with filtered contact lenses to correct the vision by correcting distortion.
As a result in most of the cases Cornea stabilizations in few years down the line without any vision issue. In few cases corneal scarring is non tolerable with contact lenses.
Corneal transplant is important to correct vision.

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