We are leading Lasik Surgery in Dubai with new technologies and expert doctors for our patients to get the safe way for clear vision.

IntraLase is blade free and computer guided technique. This technique is unique experience to the patients and much more safer and accurate than the old technologies of lasik surgery

Those patients who has done Lasik Treatment earlier can again opt for this as part of advancement in the lasik procedures.

Advanced Femtosecond Laser

North American Lasik is giving level of safety and high-quality results with speedy way for creating a corneal flap in approx 10 seconds.

Benefits of Intralase:

  • Blade Free Procedure
  • Better Precision & Prediction
  • Reduced Dryness
  • Speedy Process 10 Seconds Only
  • Patient Safety, Comfort, High Level of Satisfaction
  • 20/20 Vision
  • Customization for inverted & bevel-in edge for the corneal flap for each patient.

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