North American Lasik – Pop up Clinic

Pop-up clinic – Dubai Medical College

What is pop up Clinic? Pop Up clinic provides FREE Health check ups outside of the clinic. This November 23rd, 2014 we had a pleasure spending a wonderful morning with beautiful and smart ladies, future Doctors, at the Dubai Medical College.

Our pop up clinic consist in checking the visual acuity with and without glasses, auto-refraction and glasses check.

Why pop-up clinic is fun? Pop-up clinics save your time! We all have busy schedules, even if we can notice some health problems, or, in our case, decrease in vision, it is quite hard for the most of us to find the time for a full eye check up. This is when a pop-up clinic comes handy! You can just walk out of your class together with your friends, do a quick eye check up. If we see that the vision is less then 20/20 we can suggest you to go for a complete check up. We will also check the power of your eye and compare it to your current glasses if you have them.

If you want a pop-up clinic to be organised at your school or workplace, do not hesitate to contact us!

Throwback on our pop-up clinic at Dubai Ladies Club last March:

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